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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  June 19, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> the football players had weight training today so they weren't on the field, thankfully, they were in the gym. that's just up the hill from the high school. >> katy is there live. katy? >> reporter: kristen, the good news here, firefighters have stopped the forward progress of the fire. it is 50% contained. we are standing in the field next to camp wa linda high school. a live look above has the best vantage point. they've really been fighting this from the air. the water drops are what made a difference firefighters say. you can see there's white smoke now. you've got scorched land and dense brush and trees. the fire spread quickly throughout. i want to show you the video of the water dumps from the sky. the attack made all the difference. 20 to 30 homes were threatened, and some chose to leave. but there was only a shelter in place warning ever issued. there was not a mandatory evacuation. but some folks decided they wanted to get out, because you
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could see the flames, how scary it would hve been shortly after 2:00 p.m. when the fire started. we did talk to the fire chief, and he tells us how challenging today's conditions were. >> the biggest problem has been heat, and the dry fuel. and it's heavy vegetation over there. >> reporter: the winds played a factor as well. it was breezy this afternoon. the fire started somewhere on private property near the high school. however, the cause and exact origin are still under investigation. now, this is the third fire that i've covered in the last four days. so we're definitely seeing this as shaping up to be a very busy, hot summer. firefighters are urging people to have that defensible space around their homes. abc 7 news. >> katy, thank you. now to the high heat affecting much of the bay area. in santa rosa, this street is closed off because it buckled under the triple-digit temperatures. >> it can happen because concrete expands, of course,
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when exposed to long heat. air conditioners are selling out. abc 7 news was at the orchard supply hardware on royal avenue where the manager said he's reordering as quickly as possible. >> in the east bay, last night, look at this, lightning. people in alameda and oakland say the weather system came with a noticeable amount of rain. >> much appreciated. for what's happening right now, let's get to meteorologist sandy patel. >> look at live doppler 7, what is going to provide much more relief to the coast and bay than it did today. tomorrow is the fog. so it has already dropped our temperatures along the coastline, and around the bay. but don't tell that to folks inland, because highs so far have been definitely in the triple-digit territory. 104 antioch, livermore. 103 in concord. along the coast, though, 60s, 70s. 94 in san jose. 92 santa rosa. we have a heat advisory until 9:00 p.m. thursday for all inland parts of the bay area.
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heat related illness is possible, excessive heat warning for solano county until 8:00 p.m. thursday. triple digits continuing in the inland communities. you're probably wondering when am i going to get a break. i'll be back with a look at that coming right up. >> that break much needed. take a look at this. the power grid was strained, really strained over this past weekend with the high temperatures. you can see on this graph, usage today is reduced. abc 7 news reporter katy larson is in downtown livermore. some businesses are still without power tonight. >> reporter: pg&e is calling this the single most impactful heat event in 11 years. you can probably hear the pg&e crews down the street jackhammering, trying to get the outage here on first street fixed. many businesses stayed closed
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today after closing last night, right before father's day dinner. not good fortaurant business. despite the fact that pg&e tried to bring in backup generators which only solved the problem for part of the day. pg&e crews powering up a second larger backup generator in an attempt to try and keep the lights on for good in downtown livermore. where many businesses around first street are still closed. with intermittent electricity since yesterday. >> it came back on briefly. >> reporter: maurice and other customers at chelsea's salon continue to get their hair and nails done despite the lack of air conditioning in today's triple-digit heat. >> the problem is, once the power goes off, the heat rises really fast. >> if they had fixed it in the first place, it wouldn't be happening. >> reporter: livermore's engineer said pg&e submitted incomplete plans before the heat wave to upgrade their system downtown. after the transformer blew
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yesterday, the utility and city started rushing to expedite a permanent fix while generators pick up the slack. >> around 100 in livermore, 105. we're getting up into the 110-degree range in altima pass. >> reporter: scott was talking about thursday, forecasted to be the hottest day of the work week, with more than 100,000 outages yesterday. he said he's trying to help pg&e crews stage in the hottest spots. >> some crews may be staged in san francisco, they will probably be moved into some areas that we're expecting more outage activity. >> reporter: in livermore, kate larson, abc 7 news. when sandy and i aren't hanging out together, we use the accuweather app. the temperature's right there. the pollen count right there. so easy. you just swipe and get the map. you can see if there are any heat advisories or hot-weather records being broken where you live. moving on now. we continue to follow developing
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news near downtown santa rosa where a custody dispute turned tragic. it happened at this apartment complex on slater street. that's where investigators say a 40-year-old man killed his two children. the victims were a 6-year-old girl and 18-month-old boy. the man then hanged himself in a bedroom. investigators originally went to the home to check on the welfare of those kids. the heat made a difficult rescue that much harder for first responders in bay point. they dealt with triple-digit temperatures this afternoon, as they responded to this head-on crash on canal road. you can see the damage shows the intensity of the impact. somebody was trapped inside one of the vehicles, and crews had to use the jaws of life to free the victim. who was critically injured. a truck slammed into the senior center today in san bruno. this forced police to shut down crystals spring road around 3:00 this afternoon. fortunately police say no one was hurt.
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the heat is blamed for sparking a fire at a recycling plant. it took crews eight hours to knock it down. sky 7 was above as crews used at least 20 pieces of equipment to battle the fire that started at about 4:00 a.m. look how intense this was. during the fire, a power pole fell and some customers lost electricity, including nearby businesses. service was restored this afternoon. flames ripped through piles of mulch and wood. heavy winds made the whole thing a tough fight. >> about 30 feet past the engine and make a hard left, it wasn't even touching the fire. 20, 30-mile-an-hour winds out here, it makes it tough. >> this is the second time in two years firefighters have fought a fire in this same spot. millions of dollars in relief coming to san jose to help flood victims. state lawmakers passed a bill allotting $5.4 million for flood relief. san jose's mayor said the money will go directly to housing for flood victims. last february coyote creek
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overflowed its banks, causing at least $100 million in damage to homes and businesses. tomorrow, san jose will decide whether to enter negotiations with google to build a massive development in the downtown area between diridon station and the s&p center. but some say the tech giant may cause more harm than good. we're joined live from san jose with the new developments. janine? >> reporter: we are here near the station, this is the area where google wants to develop. while there's a lot of excitement about the project, there is a group of people that says that it could result in income inequality. they held up signs, sending a message, we are san jose, and they don't want to be ignored. >> how many are they going to take out of san jose so they can build their company. i mean, it's only fair that we have a voice inside of that and
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get a seat at the table. >> reporter: she's talking about google. they want to build a mega campus between 6 million to 8 million square feet near mass transit, and has already started buying up parcels and wants to buy city-owned land in the same area. >> there is a substantial risk that instead, the google project will leave us worse off than we are now. there's a substantial risk that it will exacerbate income inequality. >> reporter: labor leaders and community activists gathered in front of city hall to voice their concerns. 20,000 jobs will be created if google comes. activists want the city to negotiate terms that benefit the community. for example, they want google to work with organized labor and locals to be offered jobs. affordable housing is also at the top of their list. >> google is not going to arrive here in the next six months. this is a biuild-out of what ma be a decade-long project or more. there's going to be a lot of
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time for us to think about how to do this carefully and collaboratively with the community. >> reporter: the group handed a letter outlining their request. so far the mayor said it's too early to jump into specifics. he and several members have already recommended the city should obtain fair market value of any land it sells to google, and should not subsidize the development with any taxpayer dollars. in san jose, abc 7 news. stay with us. a lot more to come. a bay area company uncovers what is called the largest voter data link in u.s. history. warriors gm is in the hot seat. what bob meyers is saying about the future of two top players. readers rejoice. one bay area city is opening its libraries more days and more hours. the holidays are still months away, but one delivery company is already planning for it, by charging you more.
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a silicon valley cybersecurity firm claims personal details foor nearly 200 million american voters were exposed on the internet. mountainview's upguard discovered the error. they say a marketing firm working for the republican national committee left the data on an unsecured cloud account. the data exposed includes names, dates of birth, home addresses, phone numbers, voter registration details. the marketing firm said it accepts full responsibility and has since secured this information. more hours, more days. the san francisco public library announced all of its branches seen on this map will be open seven days a week now. a far cry from several years ago when budget cuts forced some branches to open only part-time. leeanne explains how they're able to afford these extended hours. >> reporter: this mother is spending her summer at the library with her son. >> the library programs here are
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outstanding. i would say one of our best resources. they're free. >> reporter: now all public library branches in san francisco will be open every day, adding 17 librarians and staff. >> adding a day and extending the hours will cost an additional $1.8 million a year. money that is already being collected through property taxes. >> san francisco's said library should be an essential service so they voted themselves a tax. >> reporter: a bond measure also paid for these branches to be seismically safe and modernized. it wasn't that long ago that budget cuts forced some libraries to open only a few days a week. but thanks to the library preservation fund and friends of the library, they've become more like community centers offering art classes and access to computers for those who want to earn their high school diploma. >> art is wonderful. i didn't know that the libraries
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are offering an art time for children. >> now there's an average between 50 and 55 hours, some of our libraries don't open on the weekends. now they're all open. >> reporter: san francisco has 27 neighborhood branches. in san francisco, leeanne melendez, abc 7 news. a fright new jersey scene for bird lovers in downtown oakland today. a large tree home to nesting blue heron and snowy egrets snapped in two about 10:00 this morning at the corner of 14th and alice streets. the tree had dry rot. volunteers from the audubon society and oakland zoo helped rescue about 20 birds and their babies. >> we have oakland public works doing a great job. going through branch by branch, cutting very carefully so we don't actually injure any of them. >> at least four birds were killed. three of them nestlings. they were taken to the rescue
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center and humane society where they will be nursed back to health. warriors fans, kevin durant is about to become a free agent. don't panic. espn is reporting that durant will not exercise his $28 million option for next year. the good news is that durant will likely re-sign with the team, and won't seek the maximum deal he would be eligible for. so that will potentially free up salary cap space, meaning save money, to sign other players, including andre iguodala. >> free agency is predictably unpredictable. i love andre. and hopefully we can find a way to make it work for not just him, but for all our guys. >> let's keep the band together, huh? the warriors also knee to re-sign steph curry. the doves have only five players under contract for next year. klay thompson and draymond green among them. sending a holiday gift through u.p.s. could cost a bit
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more this year. they announced surcharges that will start the week of november 19th. they range from 27 cents per ground shipments to 97 cents for faster air delivery. there's a window between december 3rd to the 17th when the charge won't apply. u.p.s. said it will help cover the cost of hiring more workers and renting more trucks and planes during the busy holiday shipping season. the people you pay to go online might not be able to make money off you in other ways under a proposed state law. >> michael finney is here with that story. >> a change in federal law, you reported on that, two weeks ago, something like that. allows internet service providers like comcast and at&t to follow you around the internet, then sell that information without your permission. however, under a proposal introduced in sacramento today, that will not be allowed in california. >> we were talking about sensitive information, including their -- example, their health information, social security number, and also their browsing
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history, as to what sites that they have visited over the years. this is very important and sensitive information that we want to do everything to protect. >> about a dozen other states are working on similar proposals. looking for a job? you might want to head to florida or texas. california, lagging behind much smaller states in its employment growth rate. the latest report from the california center for jobs and the economy shows that california ranks behind florida and texas for its employment growth. things are not all bad, however. california's unemployment rate is lower now than it was earlier this year. while uber is facing a rider backlash, lyft is the little engine that could. new stats out today show over the past few years, uber's share of rides dropped from 90% to 75%. while lyft's market share has risen 3.5 percentage points to just shy of a quarter of all the rides booked.
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the latest three-point slip for uber comes after a string of pr nightmares, including drivers talking about sexual misconduct, and criticism about uber's corporate culture. thanks, michael, very much. the bay area marked world refugee day in a special way. 29 immigrants took the oath of nationalization at the san francisco asylum office. this is the first time citizenship ceremony has been held at that office. the group included immigrants from afghanistan, iraq, and burma. among them was a man who fled el salvador when he was 13 years old. >> i came up to here. i went to school here. i went to college here. i work here. my kids are from here. >> the majority of the 50,000 refugees admitted to the u.s. last year were from arabic speaking countries, nepal and somalia. i hope you're all staying
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cool somehow. coast is the place to be. the breeze is in, and the fog is coming back. hour by hour, i'm going to take you through concord's temperature trend and you will notice at 6:00 it's still going to be hot. 96 degrees. it will be a slow cooling trend as we take you into the morning hours. when temperatures will actually bottom out in the mid-60s. it's still going to be pretty mild when you start off your day tomorrow morning. now, live doppler 7 is certainly tracking a change in our weather. the fog has closed in along the san francisco and san mateo coastlines there. a little bit on the patchy side along the north bay coast. we're seeing a change in the weather in the form of cooler conditions, up to 20 degrees cooler, compared to this time yesterday in san francisco. we're running about ten degrees drop in san jose. 14 degrees cooler in santa rosa. some people are just enjoying the beach in santa cruz where we do see some fog right now. 66 in san francisco. still nice in oakland, 75 degrees. san jose, 89. the coolest spot is half moon
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bay at 57 degrees. downtown oakland, you see the hazy skies there. 87 in santa rosa. currently in the 90s, fairfield, concord, livermore. still pretty hot. from the east bay hills camera, skies aren't exactly perfectly good visibility there. because of all that haze building. cooling continues near the bay tomorrow. heating up again wednesday and thursday. it will be cooler over the weekend for all areas. hang in there. especially if you don't like this hot weather. coastal fog as you look at the hour-by-hour planner for tomorrow morning. 50s, 60s, sunshine by noontime for most of you. inland about 102 degrees. 62 on the coast. sun goes down, and we retain some of that heat in the inland areas. tomorrow morning starts out mild inland in the 60s, 70s. the temperatures on the coast will be in the 50s. parts of the bay will be in the 50s and 60s. the highs for your tuesday, cooler bay and coast tomorrow. inland areas, when you see a two-degree drop you probably
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won't notice it. 88 in san jose. on the peninsula you're looking at low to mid-80s from san mateo to redwood city. 63 daly city. 71 downtown san francisco. in the port bay, low 90s from santa rosa to napa. east bay, really pleasant. 79 in berkeley. 08 in oakland. not too hot. you get on to the other side of the hills and it is still going to be another hot won. 101 in livermore. this is the place to go, if you don't like the hot weather, patchy fog tomorrow afternoon. most of you in the 60s. 78 degrees in santa cruz. very high uv index so make sure you have your sunscreen on. if your kids are out of school, a good place to keep them nice and comfortable. you can downloud the accuweather app and keep track of the temperature changes, and they're going to be changing midweek as we welcome summer tomorrow night at 9:24. you're going to feel the sizzle inland, wednesday, thursday, temperatures soaring again, 108 degrees on thursday inland. the same as what you saw in
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concord yesterday afternoon. 70s coastside. fog will disappear on thursday. it will be back to take the edge off the heat as we head into the weekend. which, of course, is a big weekend for pride celebration. we'll go 60s to 90s this upcoming weekend. more in line with what we're used to. >> it doesn't bother dan. he can perform in 100-degree heat. >> the day before riding a horse. it was brutal. thanks very much. go
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we have a situation to tell you about, breaking news in mill pitas in the south bay. look at the cars not moving. that is northbound 680 at montague. that is shut down completely. look at all those lanes, due to a situation with police, and a man potentially in danger there. so again, we're talking about northbound 680. not moving. you can see in the live sky 7
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shot that southbound is just fine. and moving okay. but if you're headed north, avoid using 680 in milpitas. we don't know when the situation will resolve itself. >> we'll stay on top of it, of course. from romeo and july yet to the notebook, scenes are often about broken hearts. the real-life condition may never really be mended. damaged hearts happen when the heart muscle is suddenly stunned causing the left ventricle to change shape. what may be the most recent example actress debbie reynolds' death last december one day after the death of her daughter carrie fisher. british researchers say flight safety could be degraded because pilots are breathing contaminated air. there's a clear link being exposed to the air on planes and health issues like headaches and dizziness. unfiltered air is supplied through special lines, but it can still become contaminated by
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engine oil and other fluids. nasa found ten new planets outside our solar system that are likely the right size and temperature to potentially sustain life. seven of them circle stars that are just like ours. after four years of searching, nasa's kepler telescope detected a total of 49 planets in the so-kald goldilocks zone. after today, we now know that we are probably not alone. well, what happens when a llama tries to cross the road? that's exactly what sheriff's deputies in out. a spectacular morning sunrise. >> share your pictures with us by using the #abc
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coming up tonight at 6:00, praying for the victims of last
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week's u.p.s. shooting. learn what it was like inside the building. the $20 million effort to keep health clinics open in california. folks say it's more political than practical. michael finney, the simple question that prevented a milpitas man from becoming a victim of a computer scam. his ordeal has prompted a warning from apple. those stories, and a lot more on abc 7 news at 6:00. finally tonight, an unusual pursuit for sheriff's deputies in the north bay. >> they don't do this every day. you could call it the llama drama. the sheriff's office speeded up this video showing deputies trying their hand at llama wrangling. >> deputies were able to capture this lamb a on the loose outside of the pasture. it seems like he's the black sheep of the bunch. >> all right. his buddies followed as deputies gave him a warning and led him back home. how funny is that. >> if you can herd cattle, you can herd llama.
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tonight, breaking news. the american son just brought home from north korea, held prisoner for more than a year, otto warmbier, has now died. returned to the u.s. with extensive brain damage. his parents now reacting just moments ago. the new horror in paris. the armed driver who filled his car with gas canisters and plowed into police on the champs-elysees. we're on the scene tonight. and hours earlier, a truck right into a crowd in london. the moment the suspect is dragged out. severe storms as we come on the air tonight. moving up the east coast from d.c. to philly to new york. right during rush hour. and major delays at airports tonight. the deadly collision at sea. what we've learned tonight, after seven u.s. sailors were lost. how did that container vessel plow right into a u.s. destroyer? and there is news coming in tonight about carrie fisher. what was found in her system.


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